At Prema Care, we operate nationwide, so wherever you are, we can be there for you.

What is Prema Care?

Our services range from companion care to complex care needs.

At Prema Care, we’ve taken the greatest care to create an agency that families can trust when it comes to sourcing, checking and introducing the most qualified and compassionate live-in carers to our wide range of clients, who come to us safely in the knowledge that we can match exactly the right person for their own individual care needs, however simple or complex they may be.

We select and match our carers exclusively in line with the wishes and needs of each individual client, and we are ready to adapt along with their circumstances should these change at any point in the future.

Prema Care

We support independence and wellbeing for elderly and disabled people

From companion care to complex care through specialist dementia, physical or learning disability care. We provide live-in care services nationwide. For more information or to arrange live-in care for yourself or a family member, simply call us or fill in the form and one of our team will call you back.

Live-in Care

Live-in care means having a fully qualified and experienced carer living with you in your home 24/7 for as long as you need them.

There are lots of reasons why people choose to welcome a live-in carer to their home:

  • Continuing to live in a comfortable environment
  • Your everyday life can stay much the same
  • Your family and friends can still live with you
  • Your support is built around you and your needs
  • You can keep your routines, hobbies and activities
  • Having companionship and emotional support   

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Depression and Aging

Depression and Aging Mental health has gained more focus over the last several years. People are more conscious of mental health concerns, but many don’t realize that depression and anxiety can strike at any age. Many people believe that depression must begin in younger years and follow one throughout life. However, depression can be due […]

Should I Choose In-Home Care or Move to a Care Home

The answer to this question for elderly or health-compromised patients is never an easy one to find. There are benefits to both ways, but we must consider certain details to make this decision.

Helping Seniors Avoid Feelings of Isolation

While many places are reopening after record COVID diagnoses and deaths, seniors are still the highest risk group for complications

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