At Prema Care, we operate nationwide, so wherever you are, we can be there for you.

At Prema Care, we’ve taken the greatest care to create an agency that families can trust when it comes to sourcing, checking and introducing the most qualified and compassionate live-in carers to our wide range of clients, who come to us safe in the knowledge that we can match exactly the right person for their own individual care needs, however simple or complex they may be.

Our priority is that you get access to live-in care to enable you – or your loved one - to have the best possible quality of life in your own home, surrounded by your friends, family, possessions and even pets! If you have hobbies, interests and activities you like to take part in, we’re going to help you to continue doing all of those things during your care.

We select and match our carers exclusively in line with the wishes and needs of each individual client, and we are ready to adapt along with their circumstances should these change at any point in the future.

Every family is different, and so this is why we work with a wonderful range of trained, experienced and attentive carers, who each bring with them their own unique skills, attributes and personalities to match your needs.

Though adapting to life with a live-in carer can be a life-changing circumstance, at Prema Care, we do everything we can to make sure that this truly is life-changing in the most positive of ways.

And, because we know that cost is always a factor, we’re sure that in working with Prema Care, you will find that opting for live-in care can offer a considerable saving compared to the option of a placement in a residential/care home. We exist to give you that option.

Find out all you need to know on our website, or please do give us a call to ask any questions that you may have.

Our Core Values



We always have your best interests at heart - and the wellbeing of your family in mind.



We work with your family to ensure that you’re listened to throughout, and that your mental wellbeing is valued as much as your physical health and capability.



We’ll always respect your individual feelings, opinions and unique situations.



We’re dedicated to providing physical and emotional support at the highest level for your family – for however long you need us.

Our team is a relatively new face in the Care Sector, but our experience as individuals is vast. We’ve come together to create Prema Care to offer something to families that we feel isn’t overly available at present. We embrace the fact that the live-in care sector presents many different options for families needing and wanting to arrange live-in care for themselves or their loved ones.

We take great inspiration from others in our industry working to the same mission as us, and do all we can to show that we are the most natural choice for families who may approach this element of life planning with any hesitance, worry or questions.

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A strong relationship with all our clients is at the heart of everything we do, because understanding your needs is key to introducing the most appropriate and effective live-in carer to join your home and family.

Live-In Care

Our live-in carers

Our live-in carers are always selected and introduced based on the situation at hand; ranging from companionship and personal care needs, through to respite care and more complex support for disabilities and dementia.

You have enough to be getting on with and no doubt worrying about, so please let us take the hassle out of finding the most suitable live-in carer for you.

For long term live-in care

For long term live-in care, we’ll work to provide your family with the support of a small team of carers, rather than just one person. Though all members of the care team will work closely with you and get to know your loved ones as a person, they’ll actually work in shifts to ensure that each person can take time away and be fresh when they return to support you in your home.

Rest assured that relationships will be built, continuity or care will be provided, and life will continue in the most supported way possible.

We care about our carers, we care about our clients, and we care about doing a great job.

Long term live-in care

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