Activities to Keep Loved Ones Active During Coronavirus

Activities to Keep Loved Ones Active During Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic has been hard on people worldwide. People are unable to get out as often as they like. Even in locations that are starting to open more activities, older adults should generally avoid them. It is much more dangerous for them to be exposed to the virus. When this happens, many loved ones begin to get lonely, even with a live-in carer. Here are a few things you and the carer can do to help keep your loved ones active.

Distant Playdate

If your loved one has grandchildren or great-grandchildren, set up a socially distant playdate. Let grandma and grandpa watch them play outside from a distance. They can even bring grandkids treats like cupcakes, pies, and candy.

Zoom Dancing

Older adults need to exercise. Set up some dance time through Zoom or other online meetings. Grandkids and grandparents can dance together and get some exercise. Coordination with friends from group exercise classes can also be fun. Check with local senior activity centres to see if they are offering classes remotely.

Outdoor walks

If the senior adult’s physical ability allows, take them on walks in the neighbourhood. Outdoor activities are fantastic for people of all ages. If they are not able to walk down the street, take them around the home outside.

Birdwatching or Creature Hunts

While you probably do not want to take anyone hunting, your loved one might enjoy birdwatching from home. If birds aren’t an interest, learn about the local wildlife. Binoculars and a chair might be all you need to make someone’s day. Also, the more we learn, the sharper our mind stays.

Remote Book Club

Create a book club where everyone can read books on an electronic device or read the same book that everyone owns.  “Meet” virtually once a week. If your loved one isn’t tech-savvy, you might need to enlist the help of a live-in carer. Be sure to schedule the meeting when the carer can help.

Crafting Club

Older adults are creative if we give them a chance. Let your loved one start crafting something. Knitting sweaters, blankets, or socks can help them pass the time. Likewise, wreath or candle making can be relaxing. Collect the items from several of your aging friends and auction them off to benefit a local charity. If they don’t want to sell the goods, donate them to a charity that needs them. Hospitals will sometimes accept baby booties or hats for newborns.

Final Thoughts

Most contact during COVID is remote, which can be tricky for older adults. Rather than having them sit at home lonely and bored, come up with some creative things for them to do. Enlist the help of carers or helpers to set up meetings and classes online. Visit when you can, but keep the social distance to keep them safe.