How do you select the carers?

We have a large number of carers registered with us. We interview them, check references, check backgrounds and criminal history, and provide necessary training. Among other checks, we check their hobbies to see if they make a proper match. We also ensure they have cooking experience so you can be sure that they can prepare a meal you will enjoy.

Every one of our carers is in possession of a current DBS (Disclosure and Barring Services) certificate, valid UTR (Unique Tax Reference), NIN (National Insurance Number) and individual carers insurance. Very often, they also have care qualifications like NVQ 2-3 or higher.

All carers strictly follow the care plan and are aware of their safeguarding responsibilities under the law.

How does the process look?

The whole process is quite simple. Please contact us or fill in the contact form, and one of our team members will contact you to have a chat and ask for any information that we may need to provide excellent care and support.

When we are sure that we have proper candidates, we will send you a contract for our service. There is a one-off registration fee that needs to be paid if you are happy with our business terms. Then, we will select few best matches for you and send you their profile info that will include their name, photo, age, experience, hobbies, and confirmation that DBS, NIN, UTR, References are checked and other important details. When you make up your mind, we will organise zoom video interview or live interview with the candidate to have a chat and make sure that you made the right choice. If you are happy and make your mind up, we will set the start date for you.

Please contact us at any time, and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Ready to access the life-enhancing support of live-in care? Here’s what to do next.

What is an Introductory Care Agency?

Introductory care agencies such as ours here at Prema Care match carers to clients. They will typically source and recruit the carers, interview them, check references, do background and criminal record checks for everyone’s peace of mind, and will often provide specific training if necessary.

Introductory agencies work as much on your behalf as they do for the carers, and they will empower you to take the lead on the instructions given to your carer. We’ll advise you on the best way to welcome this wonderful person into your home and give you all the support you need.

Our carers who work on a self-employed basis, are experienced, independently minded, proactive, and highly motivated to do the best possible job. They do not need any direct supervision compered to freshly trained carers. Though, we are always in touch with them to give them advice and guidance if needed. 

For detailed information please visit managed vs introductory on this website.

How I should prepare for a carer?

You need to provide an accommodation and food while on duty. Also, any protective equipment needed to provide a care e.g. gloves, aprons, face masks etc.

What if I am not satisfied with my carer?

Only when both sides are happy, the best care can be provided. If, for whatever reason, you ask the carer to leave, then please refer to our agreement where short notice periods are covered.

If you wish us to find another carer for you, we will do it with no additional costs.

How much does live-in care cost?

Costs for continuous, 7 days a week, live-in care start from £735 (inclusive of agency fees) for a single person and £805 (inclusive of agency fees) when there are two people in the household. For detailed information please visit Cost of Care section on this website.

What does Low Dependency Care mean?

Low dependency care include activities as follows:

  • assistance with bathing, dressing and grooming
  • assistance with walking and transferring from bed to wheelchair
  • fall prevention
  • medication reminders
  • light chores including laundry and change of bed linens
  • shopping and errands
  • meal preparation
  • transportation
  • assistance with light exercises

During the registration process, we will assess your needs and choose the price plan that will correspond with your needs.