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The team at Prema Care are now looking for committed people with caring outlooks who want to make a real impact on the quality of life for our clients. Come and join our team as Live-in Carer.

Our pay rates start at £90/day for a companionship role and rise to £140/day for clients with complex care needs.

Please only apply if you have relevant care experience.

What to do next?

Simply email or call us and we will guide you through!

If you are already employed in a similar or related care/assistant role and would like to have more freedom and direction, you can come to us and work on a self-employed basis. If you’re already self-employed, then you’ll know just how rewarding this working arrangement can be!

All carers registered with Prema Care are self-employed, which allows them to choose the clients they would like to work with from the people who approach us every day with their needs. You’ll make your arrangements directly with your client after a successful match is made, so it really is a much more relaxed and agreeable way of working.

As a self-employed member of the Prema Care team, you will be responsible for your own tax returns and payments, and for your own insurances, but our team will advise you with any help that you need to sort this out.

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