Managed vs Introductory

What’s the difference between a Managed Care Agency and Introductory Care Agency like Prema Care?

Introductory Care Agencies such as ours here at Prema Care match carers to clients. They will typically source and recruit the carers, interview them, check references, do background and criminal record checks for everyone’s peace of mind, and will often provide specific training if necessary.

Introductory Care Agencies work as much on your behalf as they do for the carers, and they will empower you to take the lead on the instructions given to your carer. We’ll advise you on the best way to welcome this wonderful person into your home, and give you all the care and support you need. 

It’s important that you make the correct decision for you and your family when selecting an Introductory Care Agency such as Prema Care - or a Managed Care Agency, who will take the lead on the supervision of the carer, thus taking some direction away from you as the client in terms of how you want your care to be administered.

Our carers who work on a self-employed basis, are experienced, independently minded, proactive, highly motivated to do the best possible job.

We’ll make sure that your carer will be suitably trained to meet your specific needs, but they won’t be under our direct supervision as a Managed Care Agency. We will, of course, ensure that they are compliant and up-to-date in all their affairs during their time spent with you and keep in touch with them, guide and advice if needed. 

Please do look into both types of care agency to see what suits you and your lifestyle as you seek to make this incredible change in your home and family life.

Prema Care is defined by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as an Introductory Agency in line with the Health & Social Care Act 2008.

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