Companion Care | Elderly Care

What is a Live-in Carer?

When you or a loved one reaches an advanced age, it is not as easy to care for yourself as you once did. Some people find that they need care from a nurse or helper around the clock. People tend to want to be independent and live at home, and sometimes doing this alone is dangerous or ill-advised. When this happens, some families choose to hire a live-in carer. People may wonder what the live-in carer will do. Can they provide companion care or maybe complex care? Below are some things that live-in carers do while they are with you.

Assist with Domestic Duties

You do not have to hire a live-in carer to cook and clean for you if you still enjoy these activities. However, the carer can be there to assist with these tasks. Think of them as a sous chef. They may help chop vegetables, move large pots, and read recipes. If you cannot cook for yourself, the carer may also do this for you. Microwave meals are not a necessity with a live-in carer. You can still plan your menu, but there will be an extra set of hands to help you cook.

Cleaning is sometimes more challenging. Climbing on step ladders and chairs can spell danger for even the healthiest person. An older adult struggling with balance can suffer fatal injuries. Likewise, getting low to the ground to do deep cleaning can also be challenging. A carer is there to help with these duties.

Nursing or Health Duties

We often take more and more medicine the older we get. Unfortunately, our memory also fails us more than we would like, too. Carers can help us remember to check blood sugar, take medicine, and record side effects or notes for our doctors. They can help set up pill minders and remind patients what time they need to take them. Also, if shots or blood pressure readings are required, they can help with those.

Emotional Support

As people get older, they often feel lonelier. Friends and family members have passed on, and they start to feel alone. A live-in carer can be a friend and companion. The carer can provide someone to spend time with and talk to when the patient is lonely. They sometimes become as close as another family member.

Help with Transportation and Mobility

Live-in carers can help with trips to the doctor, grocery store, or visit friends. They often help patients get to these places and navigate their way inside. For people with mobility troubles, they may help them use wheelchairs or walkers to navigate stores and offices.

Help People Live Independently

While they depend on a little help, carers can encourage patients to continue doing the things they like and being active. They can take walks with them for exercise, as well as help them get to group classes. Hobbies and lifestyles can continue when you have a live-in carer.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the things that a live-in carer can do for you. If you or a loved one need a live-in carer, think of all the ways that life can go on as it has with a helper to pick up where you cannot. Live-in carers are the key to an independent life at home. They can provide companion care or complex care whatever your needs are.